If you choose to complete this Watch & Respond activity, please follow these guidelines:

  • Then, go to “Written Work: First Submission” module and submit your response there on or before the due date (provided in the module overview and course schedule).
  • Your response must contain the following five components listed below.
  • If you need help with any aspect of your writing, please contact me and/or visit the UNH Writing Center.Links to an external site. Contact them at: (603) 862-3272 or by emailwriting.center@unh.edu

Five Components of the Assignment

1. Length & Heading: Responses are to be no fewer than 400 words. At the top of your submission, provide your name, a title, and a word count.

2. Observation: Reflect on some specific content in the assigned video. For example, you could discuss what stood out to you or what interested you. Did you notice any intriguing themes? Did anything pique your curiosity? Did something excite or offend you? Use specific quotations and/or describe scenes from the video to draw attention to these parts and to illustrate to your reader the validity of your observation, your thinking and/or your emotional response.

3. Connection: The next step is to consider what your observation or response might mean in context of the material we are covering in that (and/or another) module. In your response address these two specific questions: a) Is there something specific that you read in the text and/or heard in lecture and/or discussed on the the DB that you can connect to the content of the film? b) Does the video seem relevant to this course and to the material being covered? If so, how so? If not, then explain why not.

4. Significance: This is the “and sooooooo, your point is…..?” moment. Explain why should anyone (i.e., your professor and your fellow students) care about what you have noticed or what you are feeling or thinking. What is the importance/implications of the observation(s) you’ve made to you and, perhaps, to us all?

5. Conclusion: Tie the different components of your response together for your reader. Draw some conclusion(s). What have you learned? Unlearned? What would you like to know more about?

Watch & Respond Evaluation

Please review the rubric for the Watch and Respond papers provided in the “Getting Started” module. As you develop your response, keep the evaluation criteria in mind. My expectation is that the work you submit reflects your best effort and is a final draft.

Response is submitted on time. Response meets length and heading requirements (400-500 words).The component is thoroughly addressed and completed.The component is thoroughly addressed and completed.The component is thoroughly addressed and completed.The component is thoroughly addressed and completed.Original/personal opinions and ideas are expressed.Response is, on the whole, thoughtful and insightful.Controls the conventions of written English, with only a few (< 6) grammar spelling and/or punctuation errors.Writing is generally clear, concise, coherent, and sufficiently readable; it reads like a final, best draft (i.e., is “polished” with adequate attention to structure and flow).