Discussion 1.) President Harkins cited several key issues he felt needed to be addressed. One such issue is the possibility of unionization. Please share your argument for and against unionization based on material in the case and summarize by adding which you favor.
o Requirements: Threaded format; 75-150 words

Discussion 2.) Prompt: President Harkins also states that he desires to “do the right thing.” How do you personally determine what is the “right thing to do” as you make decisions? Please share a moral foundation or other philosophy that guides your decisions.

Discussion 3.) What are the critical issues in the case, and who are the stakeholders?
o Requirements: Threaded format; 75-150 words

Discussion 4.) Is there a need for Yahoo to defend or further explain its new work-from home policy? If so, what should the content of the message be, to whom should it be delivered, who should send the message, and what would the best delivery medium be?
o Requirements: Threaded format; 75-150 words

Resource Inventory:::::

Chapter 11 – Managing Conflict
• Case 11.2: Dixie Industries, Inc.
• Chapter 12 – Business Meetings That Work
• Case 12.1: Yahoo! A Female CEO and New Mother Forbids Working from Home

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