Your book talks about how people can be classified very generally as extraverts or introverts. Please look inward and classify yourself as either an extravert or an introvert. Perhaps, this isn’t so easy and you feel that you are both at different times. If so, please explain and convey what percentage of you is extraverted, and what percentage is introverted.

Then read the following passage:

Imagine a clean, wooden cutting board on your kitchen counter. On top of the board sits a bright, plump, juicy, yellow lemon and a knife that glistens in the light. The lemon has flawless skin, is a perfect shape and vibrant yellow color. You pick it up to investigate and can smell the lemon rind as you inspect it. Imagine taking a knife and slowly cut into the lemon. As you cut, juice spurts in all directions, and you can imagine the tart, crisp taste of this perfect piece of fruit. You finally, bite into it and the lemon is perfectly sour and sweet.

How much does this passage make you salivate? What would Eysenck say about your introversion or extraversion? Compare your assessment with that of Eysenck.

After you write your response, see if other student’s observations match Eysenck’s theory. Ask a question at the end of your post. You need to respond to two peer post after making your initial post. Be sure to use APA 7th edition, in-text citations and scholarly resources in your initial post and peer responses.





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