Conflict can occur in an infinite number of ways in an unending array of contexts in micro, mezzo, and macro situations. Managing conflict often involves interactive conflict resolution processes such as negotiation, mediation, advocacy, and arbitration.

Create a 4-8-slide PowerPoint presentation that informs an audience how you would go about resolving an organizational or community problem which you have identified. Record yourself giving the presentation using Zoom. While recording the videos, it is important that you maintain a professional demeanor. Read the “Video Best Practices” document to assist you. Include the following in your presentation:

  • A discussion of the type of category within which the conflict lies, (e.g., Is it interest/commitment, induced, misattributed, structural).
  • A discussion of the strategy (negotiation, mediation, advocacy, or arbitration) you would use.
  • A discussion of the steps/procedures you would take in resolving the problem (e.g., confrontation, establish common ground, emphasize the importance of communication).
  • An explanation of the rationale for your choices. Refer to Social Work Disposition #4: Value: Importance of Human Relationships; Ethical Principle: Social workers recognize the central importance of human relationships when responding to this prompt.