1..holar on your browser. https://scholar.google.com/Links to an external site.

2. Search for scientific articles that describe how a new gene evolved in any kind of species (bacteria, plants, fungi, animals, etc.). Limit your search to articles published in the last five years. Some background: When creationists and evolutionary biologists debate, one of the questions we discuss is whether the genetic code is only degraded by information loss from mutations or whether some mutations add information. An example of the latter would be the evolution of new genes with new adaptive functions. Biologists have found many examples of new genes evolving. Your task here is to do some research and find one of these examples.

3. When you find an article that is interesting, click on the “cite” link below the article in the google scholar list. Select on one of the citation formats, which will record a copy the citation. Paste that citation into the homework upload box.

4. Paste a link to the article below the citation.

5. Below the link, write a one sentence summary of the mechanism for the evolution of the new gene documented in the article.

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