Write a 1000-1500 word creative nonfiction piece that explores the interconnectedness of science with social, political, or cultural aspects of human society through storytelling. In your piece, consider the following questions and weave a compelling story that highlights the complex relationship between science and its broader context. Within this assignment, identify an aspect of science that is more complicated than initially thought; this may include a counterstory approach (telling the story of minoritized scientists), telling stories about communities or groups of people who experience bias in science, ethical issues that are complicated by the social and political aspects of science, or telling a story about yourself and your personal connection with science.

Pick one of the following prompts:

1. Examine a case where science impacted people differently due to their cultural, social, or political identities. This might illuminate the story of an underrepresented scientist, group of scientists, participants, or patients who were discounted or harmed due to their identities. Include a critical analysis of the sociocultural context and emphasize why their stories are important to tell. (Counternarrative nonfiction narrative)

2. Explore a case highlighting the ethical considerations and dilemmas that arise at the intersection of science and society. Discuss a scientific advancement or application that has sparked societal debates, addressing the way people and their stories are impacted by the way science is communicated. (Creative nonfiction narrative)

3. Explore your personal science narrative describing how your beliefs have changed based on scientific experiences. Describe how your unique background, tradition, or belief influenced your perception of a scientific concept or event. (Reflective personal narrative)

Craft your narrative with attention to structure, character development, and descriptive language. Use storytelling techniques to captivate your audience while maintaining a clear connection to the broader theme. Incorporate relevant historical or contemporary examples to support your points and foster a nuanced understanding of the topic.

Remember to maintain a coherent storyline, engage the reader, and ensure your narrative is grounded in evidence and critical analysis.

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