According to the article, podcasts are gaining popularity in the US. This is a similar situation in Singapore. In view of this popularity, radio stations are integrating podcast content into their programming to attract new listeners and retain existing ones by catering to the growing demand for podcast consumption.

You are part of the marketing team in Singapore: Mediacorp Radio’s 987 station, whose target listeners are mainly 15-25 years old youth.
You are tasked to prepare a research report to assess the situation in Singapore. To do so, you will embark on the following:

i. Propose a suitable research topic/question (e.g., to find out radio consumption preferences, types of podcast content preferred or changes in radio consumption habits, etc.) and select an appropriate research method which will help you answer/address the research question proposed.


ii. Prepare FIVE possible survey/interview questions you will pose to the respondents.


iii. Distinguish between the various research methods and appraise the method (that you are proposing to use) in terms of the usability and relevance in addressing your research study, and evaluate the usefulness of communication research for media organisations.

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