In 4 pages, describe what the tangible manifestations (practical results) of the Mission of God are. Another way to state it is, “What does it look like when God’s Mission is being accomplished?” In a course titled Business as Mission, we are making the assumption that there is something greater in this world that we are a part of, i.e. God’s Mission. The lectures and readings engage in this conversation around the topics of “the priesthood of all believers”, “holistic mission” and “the theology of work”.

Be sure to consider the various aspects of our humanity (physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual).

This paper is to be both reflective and research based. Consider the readings you have been assigned and also consider your personal experience and theological perspective. People involved in an evangelical denomination might answer these questions differently than mainline/traditional denominations.

It should also be noted that the term “mission” is different than the term “missions” in this context. Missions is identified as a specific method used to cross-cultures to accomplish mission. Compared to a military analogy, the mission (the end/goal) is to conquer a country and missions (method) is the specific military tactic used to accomplish the mission. The purpose of this paper is focus on mission, and not missions.

As you are thinking ahead, the final paper assigned is indirectly connecting to this one in asking the purpose of business and its role in accomplishing God’s mission. This will be the missions (method) response to the mission (goal).

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