To Prepare you for this assignment, read pages 72 to 81 in The Light of Reason in Human Affairs – on how to read a journal article…

Then, Each student will choose one empirical research article from a professional psychological journal (USE THE REFERENCE LIBRARIAN TO HELP YOU LOCATE ONE) and do a critical review of this article. We’ll have a reference library orientation during first month of class!

Your assignment has you reading a research article published in a refereed psychology journal and writing your critique following the points below; written out in a critical essay of 4 to 5 pages (2000 to 2200 words) – (APA format), including these points:

  • article title and journal citation, author(s)
  • main topic and hypothesis
  • explanation of methods used, including identification of variables and operational definitions
  • identification of type of statistical analyses used
  • general discussion of findings and conclusions
  • your assessment of the research reported

The article you choose; some point(s) you derived or learned from or as a result of the article must also be one of your references in your paper.

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