your research paper will be based on the research question that I approved in the Week 6
Discussion Forum.
I know it can be hard to know how to organize your paper. The following are questions that
may help you do your research and/or structure your paper. Not every questions is applicable
to every paper topic.
1. Give a brief history of your topic. What interests you in particular about this history? This
history can include Presidents that precede the one that you are discussing.
2. Why does this topic matter to the study of the Presidency? Is it still meaningful today?
3. Did your topic/idea/area increase or decrease the powers of the president? Explain.
4. Did your topic show the use of powers in a new way? Have other presidents followed your
president’s example?
5. What can modern presidents expect from this area in terms of their power?
• 2250-3000 words excluding title page and bibliography.
• Double spaced, 12 pt. font
• Write in the past tense (he vetoed the bill, not he vetoes the bill).
• Correct use of citation in MLA or APA style.
• Correct grammar and punctuation.
• At least four academic source articles or chapters as resources and references
• A paragraph introducing your topic that includes your research question and a
paragraph (or two) summing up and concluding your topic.
• USE FOOTNOTES, not in-source citations (see CRS examples).
• Include a bibliography which lists what sources you used, even if they are not quoted or cited
in a footnote.

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