Students will advocate for a political or economic health care bill or legislation of their professional interest and that is presently being addressed with current active State or pending Federal legislation.


  • Describe the health care policy topic, current bill, list of authors/sponsors of the bill, succinct history of the bill, and succinct significance of the bill to nursing.
  • Select an elected legislator in your community or a newspaper/journal relevant to this health care bill/legislation. Provide name, political affiliation, and contact information.
  • Describe this official’s or organization’s stand on the specific, current active health care bill either in the city, state, or pending U. S. health care legislation.
  • Write a letter to the selected legislator to communicate/advocate your stance on the health care bill/legislation. Explain your support/oppose to the bill/legislation. Include evidence (statistics, experts’ opinions, economic and financial considerations such as cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, etc.) to support your statements. Do not send the email to the official organization. The letter is only for practice in the course.

Word Count: At least 1,000 words are required. Include the number of words in your paper before the reference list.

Reference List: At least five references in APA style. References should be not older than five years.

Keep in mind that the officials are quite busy. Your email must be short, direct yet convincing, and powerful. Essential information must be contained in the letter with simple, easy-to-understand terminology, and with a description of all the acronyms you use