Reading Papers: Here are the rules for the papers on readings: First Read the book

  • Your paper must identify and discuss critically one philosophical theme in the book.
  • The papers must be your own work. You must not use material from anyone else without citing the source. That includes Wikipedia and other online sources. The best way to follow this rule is to read the works yourself and write your own reactions, not someone else’s.
  • The structure of an ideal paper is simple:

(a) an introduction in which you clearly identify the philosophical theme you plan to discuss and, if possible, say what you’re going to say about it;

(b) the body of the paper in which you trace key elements of the theme in the book (quotations helpful—but only a few key ones); and

(c) a conclusion in which you sum up the book’s overall treatment of the theme.

3 pages, 1000 words

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