Discuss the following question.

The tales excerpted from Boccaccio’s Decameron in our book reflect contemporary attitudes toward women. The first tale describes the illicit escapades that a monk and his abbot each have with a young woman. The second tale tells the story of a noble woman found guilty of adultery. In what ways do these tales suggest the contradictory and disenfranchised position of women in fourteenth-century Italy? Cite examples from the text to support your answer.

Keep in mind that Christine De Pizan will provide a lot of insight on this question.

The book is : Janetta Rebold Benton and Robert DiYanni, Arts and Culure: An Introduction to the Humanities, Volume 1 (4th edition).

You can not simply answer the questions, you need to show your understanding about the concept and your thoughts


It is commonly acknowledged that misbehaving clergy and misbehaving women are two significant themes in the Decameron tales. The issue of Boccaccio’s attitude towards women has evoked extensive discussion, showing how women were treated in the 14th Century……………………………….