1. Describe the differences between dietitians and nutritionists. Please write 6 different answers

2. Explain the similarities and differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Please write 6 different answers

3. Please answer the following: What is an obesogenic environment? Explain what this type of environment would look like? For example, what is in that environment and what is not there? Please write 6 different answers

4. What is one primary prevention method for preventing osteoporosis? Explain how this method is important. Please write 6 different answers

5. Determine Adele’s Estimated Energy Requirements given the following parameters:

Age- 27

Sex- Female

Weight- 170 pounds

Height- 6 feet

Physical Activity- Moderate

Please write 6 different answers

6. Explain the difference in function between HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Given this function, why is it important for individuals at risk for cardiovascular diseases to monitor their fat intake? Please write 6 different answers

7. In your own words, explain the thirst mechanism process. Please write 6 different answers

8. Why is it important for the body to recycle amino acids? Please write 6 different answers

9. Describe how under nutrition and over-nutrition relate to malnutrition. Please write 6 different answers

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