Review the following case study. Select the arrows to toggle between slides, then answer the questions that follow. Type your responses in a Word document and use proper APA format to cite any resources used.

Accessible Interactive Instructions:

Use the arrow keys to navigate between slides. After selecting a slide, use the Tab key to move to the slide content.

Inter-professional Communication

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  1. In your own words, summarize the problem that Jan and Ronnie are discussing.
    1. To what extent is this problem due to a failure to lead?
    2. Who has failed to act?
  2. What style of followership was displayed by Ronnie?
    1. In what ways has Ronnie been an effective follower?
    2. In what ways has Ronnie not been an effective follower?
  3. What style of leadership was displayed by the nurse manager?
    1. How effective was her leadership?
  4. How did Jan’s leadership differ from Ronnie and the nurse manager?
  5. If an emergency occurred and was not handled well while Ronnie was the only nurse on the unit, who would be responsible? Explain why this person or persons would be responsible.
  6. If you found yourself in Ronnie’s situation, what steps would you take to resolve the problem? Show how the leader characteristics and behaviors found in this week’s readings and lessons support your solution to the problem.