You will provide an example of a health care policy related to Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (SJEDI) and analyze how it can guide the Practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.


You should respond to the following prompts:

  1. Describe your health care policy/bill/law related to SJEDI.
  2. Indicate why this policy is needed (provide statistics, information on cost-benefit, cost-utility, cost-effectiveness and other aspects that provide weight to your argument).
  3. List supporting and opposing stakeholders (e.g., professional organizations that support and go against your selected issue) .
  4. Analyze how your selected health care policy/bill/law can guide the practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.
  5. Provide your thoughts on Assembly Bill 1407 on required Unconscious/Implicit Bias Training for nursing students (pros, cons, should it be required for all RNs?, Should it be required for all APRNs?– yes or no and why).

Word Count: At least 1,000 words are required. Include the number of words in your paper before the reference list

Reference List: At least five references in APA style. References should be not older than five years

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