We hypothesize that men will have more sexual partners than women. In addition, we also hypothesize that individuals who are impulsive, will also have more sexual partners. Lastly, we hypothesize that there will be a relationship between gender and impulsivity, and it will be stronger among males in comparison to females.

To begin your introduction there are a few things you must research.

Here are some ideas.

Please visit the library or writing center (virtually) on how to find peer reviewed articles. You can start by researching;

  • Sexual differences between males and females
  • What does impulsivity mean and how does it relate to sex?
  • Are men more sexual than women? What does that even mean?


This will consist of your general research question, stated hypotheses, introduction and other research. This is basically your introduction and you should cite at least 4-6 studies (peer review journal articles) relevant to your research. The Introduction should be 2-3 pages of content (not including the cover page and references page) and be written in APA format. Don’t forget to include your references. There should be a title page, the introduction and reference page only!

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