The discussions offer you, the learner, the opportunity to engage meaningfully with your classmates in an organized, collegial manner by presenting information about a topic related to research in general or nursing research in posts that are supported by scholarly literature and examples (when warranted). In addition, you will be able to connect the information to your future nursing practice, exchanging ideas with other learners.


  • Module 5 Discussion: Successful completion of this interactive activity will contribute to your meeting Course Competencies 1, 3, and 4.

Discussions are considered late when EITHER the Initial or Response Post is not made by the designated deadline.

  1. Many quantitative studies, including random-controlled trials or other experimental designs, include some kind of qualitative data collection. What do YOU believe this qualitative data contributes to our understanding of a study topic, issue, or problem? Support your post with scholarly sources.
  2. What use are qualitative studies in evidence-based practice? How might YOU use these types of studies to gain understanding of a practice problem? Support your post with scholarly sources.

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