For this activity, you will play the role of a microbial scientist and you will design a bacterium for maximum survivability. In other words, you will design and draw a bacterial cell that you believe would produce the “ultimate” life form. Use your knowledge of bacterial cell anatomy and biology to create it. Do not fabricate traits. There are a multitude of traits to choose from—you are only restricted by your imagination! Please follow the guidelines:

  1. Your bacterial cell (bacilli, cocci, spirochete, etc.) must contain all essential structures that a cell requires for life.
  2. Your bacterial cell should possess at least 3 different phenotypes (intra-cellular/extra-cellular structures, or ability) that gives them other survival capabilities (e.g., protection, motility, sensory ability, chemical secretion, adhesion, etc.).
  3. In your drawing, properly name and label each structure using an arrow. Then create a key as part of your drawing that states how each structure on your bacteria (both essential and non-essential) functions in your cell.

Your drawings should depict accurate structures as they look in real life. You can draw by hand or using software, but do not use pre-created drawings to complete this assignment.

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