Please open all these articles and write about them.

Make sure you use ALL the words listed below.

Write an abstract on the following:

– The Normal Immune System II Wikipedia: “Clonal Selection”, “Major Histocompatibility

complex”, “Human Leukocyte Antigen”, “Complement system”

Wikipedia links:……


The purpose of writing an abstract is to condense the material you have read into the most succinct form. To abstract is to pare away the unnecessary elements of an argument or its presentation to discover its essence. Since every narrative contains many levels of discourse and many themes, abstracting requires you to make informed decisions about what elements are most important. These decisions will depend on the questions you are asking and the problems you are trying to solve. You can’t do a good job of abstracting until you have a clear question or problem in mind! Before you start reading, ask yourself what you want to know. Keep your question or problem in mind as you read!

It is often easiest to write out whatever comes to mind in answering your question without regard to length and then to go back and pare away at it to make it suitably short.

If you have done your job well, your abstract should be able to achieve the brevity of a TV Guide description of a movie plot. It should state the basic problem and its resolution: “Man meets married woman, kills her husband, who turns out to be his twin brother adopted out at birth.” A line this succinct should form the first sentence of your abstract. The abstract itself should then consist of a short paragraph or two single spaced that describes the most important elements of the plot line you describe in your first sentence. Try to balance generalizations with one or two specific examples.

Your abstract must include:

1) 2) 3) 4)

the main argument or arguments made by the author(s); the key concept(s) upon which they base their argument(s); the main points or data that support their argument(s).

Definitions of any key technical terms


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