Assignment Details:

  1. Scenario Context: You are the HR Director of a company. The company already employs data analytics for supply chain management. Now, the CEO has asked you to explore how analytics can be employed from a workforce standpoint.
  2. Task:
    • Identify two distinct areas within the workforce where analytics could be applied.
    • Prepare a presentation for the strategic leadership team detailing your two ideas.
  3. Content Requirements:
    a. Introduction: Begin your response with an introduction, providing context to your choices.
    b. For each of your two ideas, provide the following:

    1. i. Hypothesis/Business Question: What is the core question or hypothesis you are trying to address with analytics?
    2. ii. Leading Indicator(s): Which indicators or metrics would you track to gauge the success or progress of your initiative?
    3. iii. Business Impact Metrics: How would the successful implementation of your idea impact the business? What metrics would be affected?
  4. c. Conclusion: Summarize your ideas, insights, and the potential impact of these strategies on the organization.

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