We learn many skills and techniques in school but taking notes is one of the most important learning technique. The note taking habit is not beneficial during school but also after school during business meetings, conferences and interviews.

However, note taking is not something that teachers will teach you in school. Rather, it is something that a student is supposed to learn by themselves but they can seek help on the same from their tutors or lecturers.

In a lectures room it is where a student can pick important notes and write them down for future references since you might not find the same information elsewhere. Note taking also helps a student concentrating on the topic been taught.

It is important to start by writing down the title of lecture, the name of the course and date while taking notes. Note taking also makes a student understand on what they have been taught in class. Also acts as a backup for you are electronically saved sources.

Only note important points

Note taking does not need to be long but comprehensive and easy to understand. One needs to listen very closely to the teacher before putting down the notes by isolating the main points of the lesson, note the keywords and write in short form. I.e. abbreviations instead of full sentences. Spelling and grammar are not much of a consideration as long as the note taker understands. In case you have a problem writing fast, or being distracted during the lecture sessions, you can try record audio if it is allowed.

Revise and rewrite as soon as possible

If you have a tendency of forgetting quickly, make sure you rewrite your keywords in full and well understood sentences before you forget immediately after lecture. Use proper headings and subheadings and I would advise that you write by hand. Rewriting of notes enhances your understanding and helps remember what you learnt. In addition, your notes should be well organized in separate folders, binders and note books and marked for easy identification.

Decoration and style

Use of different colors in note taking helps in providing visual aid and making the notes look fresh and unique. Styling also makes the notes have epic makeover hence appealing to the student when reading.