Review the first 12 minutes of Blue Streak, the movie with Martin Lawrence.

There are many crime scenes that need to be examined. Identify all that you can- but separate them, for example when Martin goes down the elevator shaft that is one, and when he crawls into the vent that would be a separate crime scene. The same applies to the building he flees to after the crime.

So put yourself into the position of head investigator- assign your people to each of the scenes.

You can list the crime scenes.

For each of the correct crime scenes 10 pts. Note: I count 15 but I also use the roof as 2 scenes- one where they were hacking into the surveillance system and preparing to go down the elevator shaft and the other when one of the burglars was shot and fell off the roof.

So it helps to put yourself in the shoes of Martin Lawrence- how did he get to the crime scene how did he get onto the roof, etc.

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