Thinking about the goals and objectives of public health as a discipline, you will write an essay in which you will present and substantiate a position regarding the ideal U.S. healthcare system. Justification must be based on the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the structure, organization, regulation, financing, etc. of the U.S. healthcare system in comparison to the healthcare systems of other countries. This essay should not be a summary of healthcare systems, but an argument for a future healthcare system in the U.S. accompanied by an analysis that exhibits an understanding of the current systems and the identification of similarities/differences and strengths/weaknesses of each.

Please use a 12-point font and standard (one-inch on all sides) margins.

Please include a list of references (not included in the two to three pages) in APA format (link for more information: (Links to an external site.)), and remember to cite your sources in your paper.