As the Health IT Director at Trident Hospital (400-bed inpatient facility), you are responsible for all health information technology upgrades and maintenance. Trident Hospital has recently decided to purchase a new electronic health record (EHR) system. Trident Hospital’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) has requested that you provide a detailed report of what to expect from the point of acquisition through implementation.

This report should be between 7 – 10 pages (excluding title page and reference page) and outline the following:

  • Which EHR product you are recommending and why
    • Discuss any features that you feel are important, such as clinical decision support systems (CDSS), computerized provider order entry (CPOE), patient portal, etc.
  • Acquisition (what are the steps and what to expect)
  • Implementation (what are the steps and what to expect)
  • Standards (what types of standards should be implemented)
  • Policies (what are some of the important policies that should be implemented?)

In addition, you need to discuss the benefits of this particular EHR and any potential barriers. Keep in mind that this should be a technical paper that discusses the aforementioned areas.


  1. Provide a 7- to 10-page technical paper (excluding title and reference pages) that discusses the particular EHR you have selected; acquisition; implementation; standards; and policies. You also need to discuss the benefits and barriers of the EHR implementation.
  2. Provide an introduction and conclusion paragraph.
  3. Your references and citations should be consistent with a particular formatting style such as APA.
  4. Provide references from at least 3 scholarly articles (peer-reviewed).

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