n this assignment you will create a forecast for the Minoso Corporation using the attached spreadsheet template. Input the following as assumptions in the assumption part of the spreadsheet (grey highlighted cells at the top of the spreadsheet) and then reference those cells when projecting the appropriate income statement, balance sheet, or break-even account. Do NOT hard code numbers into your projections. Use excel to show work. Project 2018 – 2020 Income Statement and Balance Sheet for Minoso.


• Sales growth rates in each of next 3 years: 15%, 20%, 25% • Gross margin and operating expenses/sales percentage stay at 2017 level

• 40% tax rate

• No dividends

• Interest expense fixed at $400 / year • Bank loan and LT debt stay constant

• Accounts receivable: for 2018 use year 2017 DSO, then decrease by 3 days in 2019 and by another 2 days in 2020

• Inventory: for 2018 use year 2017 DII, then decrease by 2 days in 2019 and another 2 days in 2020

• A/P days stays at year 2017 days • Net fixed assets and accruals keep relationship with sales

• Required cash fixed at 1000

• Calculate Additional Funds Needed as plug (to get Balance Sheet to balance!)

Calculate 2017 breakeven revenues and units.


• All operating expenses are fixed

• Average price per unit is $50