My expository essay was about e-sports! This is the argument section now, which talks about the solutions.

“For this class, your argument essays should be written about your proposed solution to a problem or issue in society. The purpose of this writing is not so much to change the way people view an issue, but rather to prompt action related to the problem or issue. To write a successful argument essay, it’s important to think about what the solution might look like in real life; that is, who is going to do something, and what are they going to do? A strong thesis statement will clearly spell out both the who and the what. The body of your argument essay can then delve more deeply into the how and why of the solution you are proposing, and also address potential counterarguments to any component of your solution.

Consider the following questions as you think about potential thesis ideas:

  • Who is in the best position to do something about the problem?
  • Why is it better to make this person/entity/organization responsible for the solution rather than other possible people/entities/organizations that could address it?
  • What type of solution is best for addressing the problem? That is, what will the person/entity/organization you have identified do to solve the problem?
  • How will this solution best be implemented? What will it take to make it all happen?
  • How is this particular solution better than other potential solutions?

As an example, let’s say I wrote my expository essay about a problem with the lack of diversity among marathoners, or more specifically, the lack of representation of traditionally marginalized groups of people in marathons. My expository essay argues that the racial demographics of a major marathon, such as the LA Marathon, should be somewhat reflective of the demographics of the city itself, and yet it’s not. (Note that I would need to back up these claims in my expository essay with reliable source citations!)

To solve the problem, I might begin by thinking about who could be in a position to do something about the issue. What kinds of groups or organizations support marathon participation? Local running clubs and marathon training programs are some of the first organizations to come to mind. How can they get more people from traditionally marginalized backgrounds involved in marathoning? Perhaps they could pay the registration fees…? That might be expensive. Maybe these clubs could take a look at their own membership demographics, and ask how well those demographics match with their local community. Okay, then what would they do with that information? Perhaps they could make more targeted outreach efforts to people in their communities to better reach those they’re not yet reaching.

Based on that, I have a who (local running clubs and marathon training programs) and a what (look at their demographics and reach out to people they are not yet reaching). Put it all together, and I’ve got a good start to my thesis statement: To improve the diversity and representation at marathons, local running clubs and marathon training programs should look at their demographics and reach out to people they are not yet reaching. A thesis statement like that sets me up to write an argument essay in which I support the claim by talking all about the how and why of the solution I’m proposing.”





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