Textbook: The American Yawp History book chapter 1 to 15

Write Essay, this Essay will be three paragraphs, which will consist of at least 300 words each (900 words total). If you would like to write more on any of these three questions or prompts, you are more than welcome to do so, but you are not required to do so. Your Reflection Essay will be assessed by me.


In the first paragraph, explain the importance of primary and secondary sources in studying history. How do historians use primary and secondary sources, and what do each of these sources provide for further historical research?

In the second paragraph, explain how any one event or idea that we learned in the class (or anything that we didn’t discuss, but you know from your own historical understanding) is still relevant to you or to modern day society in some way?

In the third paragraph, explain what interested you most throughout the class. Why