For the final project, you are to develop a diversity improvement program for a specific workplace environment You are encouraged to do this for your workplace. If you are not currently employed, you may choose a previous employment situation. Ir you do not have any employment experience, consult with me about an appropriate workplace environment

This project will address the following:

  • Assess the impact of diversity and performance factors for the topic and workplace o

Briefly describe the organization

Eyplain the current diversitv pollicy in place. if anv

dentify the workplace diversitv issue vou will be addressing

  • Identity and analvze diversity theories, legal cases and models applicable to the selected topic and workplace organization
  • Apply the aiversity theorles and case law appropriate to your topic and workplace environment
  • Identity and evaluate strategies for enhancing diversity and performance based on the topic and appropriate to the selected

wOrKOlace environmenT

Describe one or several of the organization’s problems regarding diversitv

Explain the recommendations vou otter to remedy the diversity problems identitied

Define measures of success and explain why these measures were chosen

LInk the recommendations to outcomes beneticial to the organization and its worktorce

The topic must be applicable to a specific area regarding workplace diversity. The research paper is not intended to simply be a literature review in which vou repeat and write about what has already been published regarding vour topic. For example, vou could research the effectiveness of training and what type of training could enhance employees and leadership to emphasize and value diversitv along with developing a strategv of implementation. Of course, to answer this question vou obviousl must review and discuss already published research. However, you should be analyzing this data to determine what it tells us, what new questions need to be asked, and how these ideas apply to the workplace being explored. Your paper should conclude with proposed ideas for future research on vour topic.