Now that you have read your assigned reading for sexual and gender ethical issues, and have gained a better understanding of how various ethical systems might approach these issues, write a thread that explains how a one of the Christian ethical systems might process the issue and how a non-Christian ethical system might process the issue. You may pick any of the specific issues discussed in your assigned textbook readings. You must include the following elements:

  1. A brief paragraph of your chosen ethical system (you may pick a different one than you argued for in Week 1 if you request permission).
  2. A brief paragraph explaining the chosen topic and why it’s controversial.
  3. A thorough paragraph explaining how your ethical system would discern the right decision/action pertaining to the issue.
  4. A thorough paragraph relaying how a competing ethical system (If you hold to a Christian ethical system, then this would be a non-Christian ethical system, and vice versa) would attempt to answer the ethical dilemma, but that ends with an explanation of why it is an inadequate/wrong approach compared to your chosen system’s approach.