Reading Assignment 10

Chapter 10 (Peacemaking Criminology)…

Deliverable Length: 3-4 pages

Answer any two questions (10 points each):

1. Summarize the cultural and historical background for peacemaking in criminology as found in the perspectives of Mahatma Gandhi, Jane Addams, and Martin Luther King, Jr. What is the significance of nonviolent protest, especially for Gandhi and King?

2. Outline the assumptions about society and people as found in peacemaking criminology. Include any two of the following: micro- vs. macro-level; subjective vs. objective perspectives; passive vs. free-willed agency; conflict vs. consensus in social structure.

3. Compare the work of Richard Quinney in spiritual/religious tradition to that of Harold Pepinsky in the critical tradition. Do you think it is possible to combine the two for a more complete peacemaking perspective-why or why not?

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