1. First, explain the connection between myths and murder. Second, describe the intersection between murder, cults, and evil, and explain how culture can contribute to the perpetuation of myths involving murder and their victims. In your discussion, use case studies of murder involving cults or myths.

2. First, explain the biological and genetic foundations of violent behavior. Second, discuss the idea of insanity and mental illness as they relate to violent behavior. Next, describe some of the myths surrounding the label psychopath and explain psychopathology as a spectrum of development. Finally, differentiate male and female psychopathology. In your discussion, include cases of serial murder committed by legally insane psychotic offenders and cases of serial murder involving offenders with mental illness, personality disorders, and psychopathology.

3. First, summarize sociological theories as they pertain to violent behavior. Include a discussion on the role that family and childhood play in development. Second, identify which theory you believe best explains why some become serial murderers. In your response, identify and discuss case studies as they relate to the process of becoming a serial murderer.