Rhetorical précis
Submit two one-paragraph rhetorical précis for your choice of two of this week’s required readings. A rhetorical précis is a paragraph that captures the essence of a work in four sentences:
1) name, title + verb (e.g., argues) + main claim of work (what part A);
2) major pieces of evidence used to support that claim (what part B);
3) purpose of work + intention + explanation of how the author develops and supports the major claim (thesis statement) (why); and
4) description of audience + relationship author develops with that audience (how).
More detail on the rhetorical précis please review the example doc.

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Please note: each rhetorical précis should be around 120-150 words. The total is 300 words.

1. Katz, E. (1987). Communications research since Lazarsfeld. The Public Opinion Quarterly, 51, S25-S45.
2. Waisbord, S. (2016). Translations| communication studies without frontiers? Translation and cosmopolitanism across academic cultures. International Journal of Communication, 10, 868-886.