You will write a grant proposal to ANY MAJOR DONOR requesting funding for nonprofit organization of your choice.


This grant proposal is designed to build your skills in research and writing in addition to measuring your understanding of rhetorical theory. By conducting research on a social issue that is addressed by a nonprofit, you will look at its (social issue) effects on local or national populations more broadly, you will implement the rhetorical skills you learned in this unit, such as persuasion and argumentation.


Follow the Example Grant Proposal Sheet and view the Library Resource Guide.

  1. Review the examples provided for you as well. The example uses the UNLV Food Pantry. You can also use this nonprofit if you like.

Include the following;

Grant Abstract

  1. Statement of Need
  2. Program Description & Key Initiatives
  3. Impact of funding


  1. Your first page will be a grant proposal, single-spaced. You will create this grant proposal using one of the following in mind: 1) Artistic proofs = ethos, pathos, & logos, 2) Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, or 3) The Toulmin Model, but without mentioning these rhetorical theories in this first page. You will cite 2 popular sources from outside of class as related to the data and statistics you gathered. You can begin with the library resource guide as a place to start your research.
  2. Your second page will consist of a minimum half-page that includes how you used the rhetorical theory in the grant proposal. First, you will define all elements of the rhetorical theory you used using at least three in-text APA citations (see the end of each chapter of the Rhetorical Untextbook for proper attribution). Second, you will describe how you used the rhetorical theory. For example, if you choose the artistic proofs, you’ve defined it using a citation, then describing ethos, you will tell me what you wrote and demonstrate to me that you know what ethos is in your own words.
  3. Your third page will be an APA reference page that includes 2 sources you cited in the grant proposal PLUS the Rhetorical Untextbook source. Thus, a total of 3 sources. You may only use academic sources from our course reading. No outside academic sources are permitted.

If you fail to use rhetorical theories from Unit 1, mentioned above, there will be an automatic 15% deduction from your overall grade for this assignment.

Other Paper Criteria and Tips:

  • Papers must be in APA format
  • Please single-space this assignment, using Times New Roman 12-point font.
  • Having an organized and coherent paper is a crucial element to being successful in this course and all your upper-division courses to come.
  • Check for typos, grammar, syntax, and punctuation.
  • Upload your paper in a doc., docx., or pdf. in the submission area to be scanned through Turn It In, for academic integrity.
  • Please see the rubric below for specific criterion.

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