Family nurse practitioners often care for older adults as they experience changes in functional health. Assessments may reveal that clients are unsafe in their current environment or that they may require additional assistance to remain at home. Carefully read the questions below and address each in your initial post.

  1. Application of Course Knowledge: Answer all questions/criteria with explanations and detail.
    1. Discuss the laws in your state (Florida) related to the nurse practitioner’s (NP) role and responsibility in creating and signing advanced directives (ADs). Indicate if the NP can independently complete AD documents or a physician is required to sign or cosign the documents.
    2. Consider clients you’ve encountered in practicum (or in your practice as a registered nurse). Identify at least ONE client who may have benefited from a referral to hospice or palliative care. Indicate why this client would have benefited from these services. Describe how as an NP you might approach the conversation with the client.
    3. Discuss at least TWO recommendations you have for improving palliative and hospice care access to vulnerable and underserved populations in your community.