To complete the Case 1 clinical assignment follow these steps:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Select “Enter”
  3. You are now in the virtual hospital. Please select “Pediatrics”.
  4. There are TWO scenarios here. You need to complete scenario “1”. To go to this scenario click on the “1” at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You are now at the starting page for the “Pediatric Patient with an Acute Injury and Post-operative Event”. You should see the summary for a 17 year old young man who has had a surgical repair of a lacerated liver. Click on “Play Game”.
  6. You are now on the scenario menu page. You should do the following BEFORE starting a new game:
    1. Review the learning objectives (what you should learn from this scenario) by clicking on “Learning Objectives”. Click on “Close” when you are done reading these.
    2. Review how this scenario process works by clicking on “How to Play”. Click on “Close” when you are done reading the instructions.
  7. Click on “New Game” to begin the scenario.
  8. You will work through multiple videos and questions that ask you what to do next at many points throughout the scenario. If you make an error you will be brought back to the question last asked to allow you to think about your clinical reasoning and prioritization. Please select a different option. Keep going until you complete the scenario.
  9. Once you complete the scenario you should click on the Contents menu button at the top of the end page on the left-hand side.
  10. Click on the link for “Reflection Questions.” Copy and paste these seven (7) questions into a Word document. Answer ALL of the questions on this document. Save the document with YOUR name.
  11. Develop a plan of care for this client at the end the Word document saved in step 10 above. Upload your reflection questions answers and plan of care to the same drop box. Remember that your plan of care MUST meet the needs of both the patient and the family. Remember to prioritize your nursing diagnoses.
  12. Upload the document for completion of this alternative clinical assignment,

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