Overview of Term Project

The goal of the term project and related topic assignments is for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the HR systems and process being explored. Once you are proficient, you can apply the process to any position. Use the same Job Position [Job Title] you selected in Part 1.

Term Project Part 2: Instructions

After reading the textbook chapters and viewing the videos provided, write a research paper about the next phases of the hiring process: application reviews, pre-employment assessments, interviews, selection, and communication.

1. Selection Methods

  • Identify the three most appropriate and effective selection methods for this position.
  • Be specific-not external/internal but specific methods.
  • Explain or discuss why these methods are appropriate for reviewing an application to this job position.

2. Application Review

  • Find examples of applications for the position.
  • Discuss the strengths and weakness of these examples and any relevant legal issues.

3. Assessments and Testing

  • Identify any assessments that will be used in this selection process.
  • Provide a legally defensible rationale for each.
  • Provide validity and reliability evidence for the choice.
  • Provide a timetable for these assessments.

4. Interview

  • Provide criteria and rationales for selecting the final candidates selected for interviews.
  • How many interviews per candidate will be conducted and with whom? Provide a rationale for this decision.
  • Find ten pertinent (job-related) and legally defensible questions for each interview level.
  • Design an evaluation sheet [based on examples you find] for each interview level using a Likert scale. Provide criteria for each designation on the Likert scale. Provide space for notes/comments. Include this evaluation sheet in the Appendix of your research paper.

5. Selection

  • Define how the final selection will be made. What is the rationale behind this selection?

6. Communications

  • Describe how you plan to communicate with the applicants. Include the sample emails and copy of the job offer letter in the Appendix.
  • Provide an example of an email communications to candidates who are not selected.
  • Provide an example of an email communications to the candidate who is selected.
  • Provide a copy of the job-offer letter.
  • Determine who will make the offer.

Your research paper includes your responses and rationale to each of the 6 sections, as well as Appendices showing examples of the hiring tools you used in these phases. Use each topic area as a section header in the paper. This paper is limited to 10 pages. Support your claims using a minimum of (10) credible or scholarly sources published within the last 5 years, in addition to the textbook. In-text citations and references must be included in your paper. Use APA formatting guidelines. Charts, exhibits, tables, and visual representations of HR systems and processes are encouraged to enhance your claims.

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