Use the book Reading Primary Literature, A Practical Guide to Evaluating Research Articles in Biology by Christopher M. Gillen and/or any other source on reading primary literature to complete this assignment. There are many sources available on the internet.

Your assignment is to search for one primary research article on any topic in biological evolution appropriate to this class, and write a report addressing items 1 and 2 below. An article appropriate to this class is one that is related to a topic covered in this class. Please refer to the syllabus for the list of topics to be covered.

1. Describe, in detail, your search process. Mention any search engines, web sites, libraries, etc. that were part of your search, and then summarize the search process.

2. Provide five (5) pieces of evidence that your article conforms to the description of a primary research article or contains other information found in a primary research article. The description of primary research articles is presented in Gillen and other sources. Describe how your article compares with the description of research articles given in Gillen or other sources. Use examples from different sections of the book or other sources. Focus on criteria that are unique to primary research articles. The format of the title page is considered one piece of evidence.

Please note the this assignment does not require that you summarize your article. Submit a copy of the article or a link to your article with your paper.

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