Presentation in PowerPoint Biological factors and their impact on the life of living components.

-Introduction to biological interactions.

-Types of biological interactions

-first :The concept of equivalence

-second: Positive biological interactions.

-Coexistence and methods of coexistence. -Definition of coexistence.

-Types of coexistence.

1. Obligatory coexistence.

2. Optional coexistence

-Examples of coexistence


-Definition of bartering

-Types of bartering

1, obligatory bartering.

2. Optional swap

-Examples of bartering

-Third . Negative biological interactions

– Predation

-Introducing predation and its importance

-Factors affecting a predator’s ability to obtain its prey

Adaptations taken by prey to reduce predation

1. Plant adaptations

2. Animal adaptations

– Competition

-Introducing competition

-Types of competition

a . Compete at the species level

1. Competition between species.

2. Competition within a species.

B . Competition at the level of natural resources.

-Competition mechanics

-The effect of competition on living organisms

-Mechanical bearing competition

-Factors that limit competition


-Introducing hacking

-Types of parasites

1. External parasites

2. Internal parasites

-Characteristics of the parasite

-The effect of the parasite on the host

-Host resistance to the parasite

– Parasite resistance to the host


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  • At least four references

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