Numerous controversial treatments are promoted for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Almost all behavior analysts agree that these treatments lack sufficient empirical support. These treatments include facilitated communication, sensory integration, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, elimination diets, chelation therapy, floortime, and more. Conduct an Internet search for information on one of the topics mentioned above. If you would like to choose a topic not listed, first message your instructor for approval to be sure it is not evidence based. Also research the treatment in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis or other professional ABA journals.

Use the Controversial Treatments Template [DOCX] to complete the following:

  • Discuss at least one pro statement that supports the use of the treatment. These may come from experts, therapists, parents, or others. Also, discuss at least one con statement that opposes or refutes the treatment.
  • Summarize these statements and evaluate your findings. Discuss at least three relevant ethics codes that you have learned in this course thus far.
  • Explain how to effectively evaluate treatments to determine if they are evidence based or not.
  • Explain, in your conclusion, how you would discuss the importance of using evidence-based strategies with colleagues and the families with whom you work while also respecting other professions and the people involved.