Pick one of the pieces that stood out to you from the Genre selections and discuss what about it impacted you, what was interesting, what it made you think or feel, and why you think it had that effect. Analyze some of the decisions the author made in writing. How might you implement similar decisions in your own writing? Reference what you learned from the Good Energy Playbook selections to help inform your response. (appx. 200-300 words)

Then, put the two categories you read in conversation. For example, if you chose poetry and the personal story, how does reading these selections together change the experience from reading them on their own? Other questions to consider may be: In what ways are they demonstrating shared characteristics of climate media? What larger ideas are being represented by the pieces together that may not necessarily be represented individually? How does one speak to, inform, or change the experience of reading the other? (appx. 200-300 words)

This first half of this response asks you to analyze a piece of creative writing to prepare you for thinking about your own writing. The second half asks you to put different written pieces in conversation to practice how you will put your and your teammates written pieces in conversation once you start working on your projects.

What is a Climate Lens?

https://www.goodenergystories.com/playbook/what-is… to an external site.

Climate Justice and Intersectionality (read entire section, but you do not have to read every “story seed”)

https://www.goodenergystories.com/playbook/climate… to an external site