Discuss the certified public accountant (CPA) certification process and the qualifications required

provide a detailed pres on power point regarding the above topic. please include a separete sheet of notes so the presentation is not reading word for word off the power point presentation. the power point is for reference please include 1 and a half sheets to 2 sheets of notes to say for the slides.

resentations in the business world are important to articulate and communicate issues to relevant
stakeholders. During the Fall 2023 semester you will be studying managerial decision making. Part of
this learning process has been learning the rules, applying the rules to problems and using critical thinking
Please think about the issues that have been of interest and/or relevance to you. I have provided a list of
topics but this is not an exhaustive list and you can choose your own topic. Please select an
issue/example/topic and prepare a five minute presentation.

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