Please develop a discussion that responds to each of the following prompts. Where appropriate your discussion needs to be supported by scholarly resources.


  • A 32-year-old white female is in the office today with a chief complaint “I have to force myself to go to work and other than that I don’t want to leave my house.”
  • She reports that last week she tried to go to a Pampered Chef party one of her coworkers was having and she only got about three blocks from her house and had to turn around and go back home.
  • She admits that being anxious is not new for her but feels as though lately those feelings are negatively impacting her life.
  • Her medical history is inclusive for a diagnosis of psoriasis.
  • She is married and has a 4-year-old son.
  • She is presently on no routine medications. She takes an over-the-counter B-50 vitamin to help her manage stress associated with marital strife and childcare challenges secondary to her work schedule.
  • Her last menstrual period was two weeks ago.
  • BP 100/58, P 66, R 18
  • Large raised silvery-white scaly patch noted posterior occipital region of scalp; no thyroid enlargement or tenderness with palpation; heart -regular rate and rhythm; lungs are clear to auscultation