In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

  • Analyze laws, regulations, and policies applicable to various human resource situations
  • Assess organizational risk
  • Use data to inform risk mitigation


In your first project, you received a complaint from the Department of Labor alleging that employees were not paid overtime properly. You researched the complaint and the Department of Labor resources, and, based on your investigation of pay data and your interview with a payroll representative, you determined that the complaint was an ongoing issue for the organization. In your investigations you also found that the employee handbook did not provide the correct resources to prevent this type of complaint.

Now, your manager has come to you with concerns that there are other areas in the handbook that have missing policies or are written in error. This has resulted in an initiative to review and revise the entire employee handbook to protect the company from risk in the future. You have been asked to review certain sections of the handbook as a part of that initiative.


Begin this project by reviewing the Employee Handbook Sample located in the Supporting Materials section for errors. You will use the Department of Labor (DOL) website linked in the Supporting Materials section, specifically the content related to fair labor standards, and additional resources to verify that these are violations. For each of the four sections, identify and record the policy errors using the Risk Audit Document found in the What to Submit section. List your identified errors in order of most to least risk to the company.

After your investigation is complete, write a detailed memo to your manager that describes the policy violations you found and the risks associated with the policy violations. Use good professional communication skills in your manager memo.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Handbook Analysis- I have attached the risk audit information analysis below
    1. Policy Errors: Identify any missing content or incorrect policy verbiage in the employee handbook selections.
    2. Policy Risk Ranking: Identify the risks of each policy error in order of risk level from highest to lowest.
    3. Law and Regulation Identification: Determine which DOL policy or policies are being violated by any missing content or incorrect policy verbiage.
  2. Manager Memo
    1. Handbook Analysis Summary: Summarize the results of the handbook analysis including any trends that can be identified from the written policy.
    2. Risk Ranking Rationale: Explain the risk ranking provided in the handbook analysis. For each risk, specifically address the following:
      1. Provide a rationale for each risk ranking.
      2. Describe how each is a risk to the company.
    3. Role of Human Resources: Describe the role of HR in risk management (or mitigation), providing specific examples to support your claims.
    4. Risks to the Company: Explain how failure to correct errors could negatively affect the company.