The not-so-hidden purpose of this assignment is to help you guys to reinforce what you have learned so far. If you need to quote from the texts, make sure you put them between commas: “” .Then put the details (author of the statement, source, page) between parentheses (), right after the quote. A quotation can make up no more than 15% of your answer. Cheating is a very serious matter. Plus keep in mind that I consider cheating also copying your answers from your classmates. If I see two assignments that look alike, I will have to fail both.

In answering every question, start with a quotation from the text, and build your answer on it. You should elaborate a little bit, summarizing what you read in the materials. So: more or less 350 words should be devoted to summarizing the content of your textbook, while 150 should be used to state your opinion about the topic. One way to do that could be using one of the following questions: What were your thoughts on the subject before reading and how have they changed? What conclusions can be drawn from the reading? Of course, 500 (350 + 150) words are the minimum; feel free to go beyond that minimum, if you need it. Deliver your assignment on time, by uploading it on Blackboard. No assignments will be accepted after Sunday, October 29 at midnight.

DON’T MAKE ME CHASE YOU. It is your responsibility to upload your assignments ON TIME and to MAKE SURE that the whole file is there (sometimes Blackboard cuts off parts of the assignment, so make sure it is complete; I will grade what I find, no matter what).

Here you have the questions (all based on the texts):

1. Describe your favorite psychological theory on violence, and elaborate on this.

2. Describe your favorite social theory on violence, and elaborate on this.

3. Name the known nonviolent societies and describe them (focus mainly on one, but try to mention the others). What are their common traits?

4. Describe the main violent traditional societies (focus mainly on one, but try to mention the others); what do they have in common?

5. Name and describe the main violent complex societies (focus mainly on one, but try to mention the others), or their most violent features.

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