This assignment is an opportunity to apply concepts to a particular healthcare situation and also allows you to practice your analytical skills. You will put these skills to work in Module Five when you work on your second final project milestone.

This week’s reading and resources focus on genetics, heredity, and the developmental cycle of healthy children from fetus through infancy. All of these factors contribute to the health of the individual at any stage in life.

Read the mini case study below and the questions you will be contemplating as you work to understand what is expected of you in this assignment.

Use the following mini case study to fill in the attached worksheet:

Mini Case Study Two: Patient F is an African American woman, 36 years of age, with a history of mild hypertension. Her blood pressure has been fairly well controlled on an ACE inhibitor over the past two years. Patient F eats a well-balanced, nutritious diet, exercises three to five times a week, and does not have a history of smoking or alcohol use. However, she does exhibit the Type A behavior pattern, including being excessively competitive and harried and rushing to complete more and more tasks in an ever-shrinking period of time. In addition to these characteristics, she exhibits a somewhat cynical or negative outlook with occasional expressions of hostile or angry thoughts and feelings.

Complete your analysis of the mini case study by addressing the following questions:

  1. What could have been done to prevent the chronic condition?
  2. Knowing what you do about different approaches to medicine (traditional and CAM), what practice would you suggest? Would it be a combination of the two? Provide specific details.
  3. What small changes could the individual make to improve her condition?

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